My Random Ass Thoughts

Adam. 21. Junior in college. I love music especially anything out of the 90s and I mean anything. I'm random. Clumsy. I have random obsessions with things such as sports, movies, videogames, Jennifer Lawrence and zombies. Follow me if ya want. I doubt I will say anything that you will like.


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I hate math and sciences and other stupid classes that have nothing to do with my major. The classes that are related though, can be enjoyable. 

I am currently going for a major in Advertising and Journalism/Mass Communications. These classes I actually enjoy. Currently I am in a media writing class where I have written new advertisement campaigns and fake news stories. My newest assignment for this class is to write a blog which is perfect because I like blogging. The hardest choice for this was what to write about. Believe it or not it was actually kind of hard to find something to complain about. I decided to write my blog about DLC for video games and what I think about the issue.

I decided not to use Tumblr for my assignment because I didn’t want my teacher seeing some of my posts on here haha. 

If any of you want to read my blog, I would be more than happy to post a link to it.

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